Roman Baravalle

Postdoctoral Fellow

Roman Baravalle is a postdoctoral fellow in the Dura-Bernal Lab. Currently, Dr. Baravalle investigates the biophysical underpinnings of low-dimensional manifolds in behavior. His research aims to unlock the potential for improved Brain-Computer Interface decoding accuracy, creating a new generation of computational models to benchmark BCIs.

Focusing on modeling neuronal behavior, particularly within the entorhinal cortex and M1 cortical columns, Dr. Baravalle possesses expertise in building large-scale neural networks with a high degree of biophysical realism. He further brings his knowledge to bear in bifurcation analysis of single-neuron models and mean-field analysis of networks. Additionally, his expertise encompasses EEG signal analysis using techniques like symbolic methods, information theory, and graph theory. Dr. Baravalle has always been interested in bridging the gap between detailed computational modeling and rigorous mathematical descriptions of neural networks.

Dr. Baravalle's passion extends beyond the lab, as he holds extensive experience fostering interdisciplinary learning environments at the university level. An advocate for STEM communication, he believes in making scientific knowledge accessible to everyone.