Javier Palma-Espinosa

Enjoying the snow
Student Intern

Javier is an electrical engineer and a research intern in the Dura-Bernal lab. He is working as software engineer, extending the functionalities of NetPyne (http://www.netpyne.org/).  

Javier obtained his MSc. at Universidad de Valparaíso. By using computational models of biophysically inspired'  node activity, he explored the relationship between network's structure and network's dynamics.  Currently, he is doing his Ph.D. in computational neuroscience. He is interested in understanding the characteristic of the neural circuit responsible for selective attention in hymenoptera, focusing on the honeybee neural structure.

In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor sports, music (bring the progressive rock!), dogs, and learning about art and history.

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you can reach me by email: javier dot palma at cinv dot cl

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