Dr. Eugenio Urdapilleta

Visiting Research Scientist

Eugenio is a nuclear engineer but soon in his career, he became interested in biology and neuroscience. Then, he completed a Ph.D. in Physics studying the role of adaptation currents and history-dependent stochastic effects on neural coding under the supervision of Dra. Inés Samengo at Balseiro Institute (Bariloche, southern Argentina). Then, he moved to Italy to broaden his interests in cognitive neuroscience under the self-organized tutorship of Prof. Dr. Alessandro Treves, who introduced him to the grid cells' world, spatial coding, and all that, in a project lead by Edvard Moser. Then, back in Bariloche, he has settled as a neuroscientist at the newly formed Department of Medical Physics at Bariloche Atomic Center and continued studying and developing analysis tools for systems neuroscience. Now, as a visiting fellow in Dura-Bernal lab, he tries to add details to this theoretical backbone and learn to make large realistic neural simulations through NetPyNE, aiming to disentangle neuronal computation and ultimately the emergence of cognitive functions.